Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brickin' It

I need to play catch up.
Monday the delivered the trusses for the house. I was surprised at how quickly they got here. We thought they were backed up but they are fast. There are many orders going in to the Truss place because of the tornado damage.

May 19th

They delivered the block and laid the blocks for mom's foundation. They were really fast and sun burnt.
May 20th 1

This shot shows the Granny Flat in relation to my house.
May 20th 2

Toshi came running over last night so thrilled to tell me that someone was building a house for grandma right next to mine. He wanted to know if I had noticed it. hee hee. He is a pretty exciting neighbor.


Marylois said...

That is so funny! Just like a little child to think that every new discovery must be a new discovery to everyone else! I love it!

Alisa said...

What is the timeline? When is it expected to be finished? I can't wait to see it this summer.

Lucy said...

The time line is Soon. There isn't a date, Eric is just working as fast as he can to get it done. It won't be done by July 1st but it will be well along by then.