Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Construction Started May 13th

May 13 - 1

We started construction on mom's new home today. Eric and his crew came over early with a backhoe and stared moving dirt.
After scraping the top soil off and measuring with the laser we discovered that the ground was 32" lower on one end than the rest of the house. So plan B was put into effect with mom's approval and now her home will have a crawl space instead of pouring a pad like my home. This will still keep all floors on one level so there will be no steps up or down for her.
Here is how things looked by the end of the day.

May 13 - 2

As you can see there are Two dirt hills. They are each twice the size of Sam Hill. Joe is prepared to go place his flag at the top and stake his claim on the highest point on Brynhyfryd. hee hee


Marylois said...

I will enjoy seeing more updates as the work progresses.

Jeanne said...

Yeah Thanks for the blog!

Sequana said...

I'm gonna be keeping an eye on things from Chicago. I love watching construction. *S*