Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Line Dancing

Sorry the picture isn't much to see right now but it was a very exciting day.
May 28 Lines
Eric and his boys put down the chalk lines for where the walls will all go. IT was very exciting actually. After they left I went out and hopped up on the floor and ran all over the place walking in and out of all the rooms. It was so fun to see where everything will be.
Eric and Diana came over this week and talked over the house plans with me and mom. We had been making notes since the project started. We made a few changes to Howard's original plan for mom's convenience. We have made it so the whole house can be moved through in a circle like the house she and dad built. She likes that flow. Every room has two ways out. You don't get trapped in a room that way. We also moved the guest bathroom and made her sewing room a bit larger.
Eric said that if all goes well, the first floor will be framed by Saturday. Mom and I are so pleased with how fast and well Eric's teams work. The back hoe guy was here again working on the drain field. That is taking a long time because of all the rain we have had the past two weeks. Today we dodged more rain. That made for good work days. I am so glad it passed us by. Newtonia is still in such bad shape and they are all frantically working to get their roofs back on to save what is left of their homes.
Interestingly, I visited with one of the older ladies in Newtonia yesterday and she said that the tornado ripped off the side of her house where she and her husband were hiding. (they were crouched behind their couch because they had no where to go fast enough. She is in her 70's and he in his 80's. She said that the weirdest thing happened though. The tornado ripped off the side of her house but left her genealogy room almost untouched. There was a lot of mud on the walls that she had carefully cleaned up but the wall of books and records she has spent her whole life collecting were safe.


Marylois said...

That's quite a story!

Jeanne said...

After the Tornado's on May 3, 1999, we heard many mirical stories like this. It is interesting how our faith is strengthend be what comes after the storm.

All the places you love said...

Hmmm, the genealogy room was left untouched. Well, that sound like the place to have the “safe room.” Maybe putting genealogy in all of the rooms might protect the whole house.