Saturday, May 31, 2008

Walled In

I woke up this morning to a lot of banging around. I wondered what on earth Joe was up to then I remembered getting up with him at 4:30 this morning to get him off to a ward temple trip to Oklahoma City. Then I heard the distinctive sound of a nail gun and realized that Eric and his crew were there and it was much later in the morning than I thought.
They worked really hard and fast and got the three remaining outside walls up before it really got raining here. We were very impressed.
May 30th

I didn't get a picture of them on the job because it started raining and I was busy making yogurt and forgot. When I looked up again they were gone.
Mom was able to drive over after the rain went away and was actually able to climb up and take a look at her new house. She seemed very pleased and excited. The window opening are so large. We love them!
Miss Caroline is smiling down her happy 9 year oldness in her birthday apron. She is quite pleased with her present. :o)


Marylois said...

This will be one of the few times you will be able to say you can walk through walls.