Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted for a bit. We have been busy. The workers got the concrete finished this past week. They have been battling rain for weeks. We only had rain two days last week so they were able to come in and finish up.
They poured the top for the safe room and the wrap around porch.
July 4
This is the back of the house.

July 3
This is looking out the garage door past her front door.

The pouring was a rather eventful day. I had to work that day and was gone through most of the excitement. Apparently the goats got out and kept running through the freshly poured cement and they had to keep smoothing that out and putting the goat up. We have 4 new baby goats and apparently they get out and visit the workers a lot. I didn't realize they were doing this because I didn't see it and they never commented on it till the concrete fun.
When I got home I quickly got the goats locked up and then gathered all the kids together and we were just in time to put their hand prints in the cement in front of our house.
July 2
I just had time to get Joe's hands in there before he had to run off to a scout troupe activity. After he left I realized I should have moved them up just a bit because the corner post will have to be right in his left hand print. Oh well.
After the prints we had more print problems. Apparently while I was gone Jeddie had spent the day at the window watching the men work with his nose glued to the window. In honor of his watchfulness they poured the few feet of left over concrete into a square form and drew his face in it to go in the backyard. After the hand prints Jeddie waited for his moment and as soon as my back was turned he took off and ran right through the concrete as did the dog.
July 1
This was of course after the crew of concrete workers had left to get a "cold drink". What ever it was they got wasn't enough for what kind of day they had had. They got back in time to smooth it all out again so there are no foot prints of any kind in the porch. There are however several dog and cat prints in the kitchen extension. Thank heaven that will be tiled and won't show permanently.
Needless to say, I am very relieved to have that part done. I am free to let the chickens go again and don't have to watch them as closely anymore.


Marylois said...

What a day and what patient workers! I know mom will enjoy the wrap around porch. She has always liked those.