Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Doors

Yes I know we are over due for a post here. The work that has been going on isn't all that photo worthy. Just more electrical, heat and air and stuff like that. However, there were a few interesting bits this past week and I will post those pictures now.

Sept 24 005 Sept 24 004 Sept 24 003

Saturday, Diana came over and we cleaned up the work site and sorted all the trash. Sorry, I have too much of Dad in me and had to save what is still useful for kindling, scrap wood, and such. We even saved the old shingles and siding from my house to re-do the chicken coop, very Dad. We burned the boxes that were left.

Eric worked on getting some of the new doors set as we cleaned up the place.
Sept 24 001 Front Door

Sept 24 008 Laundry/Mud room door. We recycled the window from the girl's room upstairs for this room.

Sept 24 010 Back door off mom's kitchen to her patio and porch.

Sept 24 002 Pocket Door in mom's Pantry.

The stucco man also brought samples of the stucco colors we were interested in and the rocks for mom to choose from.

Theses are the colors we picked for samples.
Sept 18 001
We had over 300 to choose from.

These are the colors of stone we had to choose from.
Sept 18 004

So.... What color do you think she picked?...

She picked this Rosy beige color called Pancake. It was narrowed down to this one and the yellow one in the middle.
Sept 18 003
She picked river stone in all the colors shown above. They are going to be really beautiful the the blacks, browns, reds, yellows, and greys. I can't wait to see what it looks like done.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Things are moving quickly on mom's house but they are little things so the pictures of big changes are not going to be as often.

Here is what they have been up to this week.

Sept 9 1

Soffit is up on the porch.

Sept 9 2

They put the floor in the room above the garage.

Sept 9 3

Heat and air ducts are in and the can lights have been started.

Sept 9 001

The electrician is working his magic hooking up the house with plenty outlets and lights per the wishes of the queen herself (mom, not me you silly!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Roof Done!

aug 31

I know that it isn't quite done in this picture but it is done now.

I love the color mom chose. Grandma Wood had a green roof too.

We will be putting in a wood stove in Mom's living room. The house will not be only heated by wood, the stove is there for back-up in case of ice storms. No heat and air systems work without power but the wood stove does. :o)

Well Eric has been thinking of a way to have it there without having it detract from the look of the house. Well he came up with a plan. He has made a chimney to cover up the pipe that comes out of the roof. He will cover it with river rock (the stone mom chose) and make it look like a fire place. The outside wall of the house will have river stone too so it look like it goes together. It is going to be fabulous!!

The exterior of the house is going to be stucco with river rock at the corners. The stucco will be done in free style and will look very Old World. I can't wait to see it done. It will be fabulous. Mom is looking at rosy beige colors. They look like the stone colors from Southern Utah. The stucco man will be here sometime soon to bring samples so she can make a choice.

Here are some other things that got done this past week.

August 26 003

This is the inside chimney for the stove.

August 26 005

The upstairs is decked and now has half walls put up to make the stairway safe. Mom and I both have major problems with open stairs. It makes us feel panicky and we can't go up or down without a wall to at least touch.

August 26 006

The bathroom under the stairs was framed. Eric continued the line of the ceiling where the sink will go so it works together and doesn't look weird.

August 26 007

They are working on the soffit on the porch this week and I heard rumors of electricians and heating and air people. It is starting to move together quickly.