Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Catch Up December

We are almost done. I need to catch you up to speed because apparently someone hasn't blogged for over a month.

Where to start....
Oh yes, last I posted here they had started on my kitchen wall.....
Dec 17 014
Well the finished taring that out while the drywall crew were at mom's house mudding the place.
Then the mudded my kitchen and in the spirit of progress I said "Sure go ahead and mud on the day before Thanksgiving." I didn't realized what that involved. I was kicked out of my house from 9 am to 6:30 p.m. the day before Thanks Giving. When I got back in, my whole house was covered in a thick layer of sheet rock dust that was near impossible to get out. Enough about that fun.

They also finished the exterior of the house.
Dec 23 002
What do you think?

Next the painters came in to mom's house and primed the walls and added the first coat of her paint. The walls are a lovely warm white. You can see them in the photos to come.

As soon as the painting was done, Eric and his boys started in on the floors.
Mom chose tile for the kitchen, bathrooms and entryways.
Here is the kitchen tile when they started it.
Dec 17 005

While they were working on the floors at the first of December, the stone mason came in and worked up mom's wood stove area. Not sure what you call that, the Hearth, Anyway it is lovely. They used the leftover stone from the outside of the house. When she gets her stove put in it is going to be beautiful.
Dec 17 008

Dec 17 009
Next came in a lovey big pile of boxes of mom's wood floors. She picked a wonderful reddish honey colored oak flooring that is pre-finished which saves time on installation.

Here is a peek at the finished floors.
Dec 23 006
They also installed the heat and air system too keep the house at a constant temperature for the wood floor. It is set at 65 deg F all the time but it is very warm and toasty inside with the foam insulation mom had them put in. I am amazed at the difference it makes in her side of the house.
Dec 17 010

While all the business was going on at mom's I have been busy painting my side one bucket of paint at a time.
While mom's house is a nice quiet white to be a blank canvas for her beautiful artwork. My house only has one painting so I decorated my house with wall color.
My entry is now a warm Marigold to greet you when you come in.
Dec 17 012
My prodigious pantry is a lovely shade of Eggplant.
Dec 23 003
My kitchen is green but you will see that later in the post.

Now the tile floors are all in at mom's house and you will see them in the next few photos. The wood floors are mostly done and the stairs are in and just need to be stained to match the house.
The exciting part now is that the cabinets are in and will be finished up this week. The granite counter top at mom's has been ordered. It is black with large brown flecks in it. It is very beautiful and really shows off the color of her cherry stained cabinets but enough talk. Here are the pictures of her kitchen, entry, sewing room, and bathrooms so far.

Dec 23 010
Dec 23 012
Her cabinets are clear alder with a light cherry stain to match a china hutch she already has.
Stairs they are a wider than normal.
Dec 23 013
Hall Storage between bedroom and sewing room.
Dec 23 016
Laundry room. The cabinets are coming this week.
Dec 23 009
Sewing table/computer desk. This is mom's main work area.
Dec 23 017
Bathroom Linen storage and tub installed. They are going to tile around the tub to make it work as a shower for mom too.
Dec 23 020
Dec 23 021
Entry with the bench/ storage thing.
Dec 23 024

These are the cabinets in my kitchen. They are too beautiful for me. They had them in and done while I was gone to work on Friday. I cried when I saw them. Aside from my babies on their birthdays, it is the most beautiful thing I have seen. I am still in awe of them. They are knotty alder with a cherry stain like mom's. They have bead board in the doors. It was a cheaper option so I picket that and am so glad I did. They are too beautiful for this girl.
Dec 23 025
I love my pear green walls with them.
My stove goes here.
Dec 23 027
I think it looks kinda Mission in style. When Miyuki cam and saw them she lay her head down on the counter and just loved on them. They are so smooth and silky. They will pale with comparison to mom's when the granite comes in but for me and my house we love my counters. The tops are laminate and just happen to look a lot like stone mom picked. That wasn't intentional but was interesting.

Well there you have it. I have caught you up to speed at mom's house. Sorry I didn't post sooner. Life is so busy here these days. I worked on this post all day with many important interruptions along the way. If I don't get to post before Thursday, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.


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