Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fluff and Stuff

Ok Ok here are some more pictures.

Since my last post, here are the things that have been going on.

1. Stucco is started.
October pictures 009

They had to put the mesh stuff on the walls for the stucco to stick to. It has felt paper underneath to help reduce moisture. You can see the little bit of the stove pipe sticking out of the chimney.

2. The insulation guys came and put fluff and stuff everywhere.

After reviewing all the insulation options available, mom opted for the sprayed foam. It had the best R factor for what we had to choose from. The spray it on the walls and it puffs up to 100 times in size.

Mom had it put in the ceiling upstairs because it is the only efficient insulation for the type trusses we used. She also had it sprayed in all the exterior walls.
October pictures 005

This is the room upstairs. It was amazing how silent it was up there. I couldn't even hear the crickets outside. The rest of the house is really quiet too. (if you notice there is a nice stack of sheet rock just waiting to be put up on Monday)

October pictures 001
They put batts everywhere they couldn't do the foam. All the walls of the garage have insulation to protect the houses from the heat and cold.

3. I saved the best for last!!

October pictures 007

Eric is now our hero because he was actually able to get a dumpster so we can start cleaning up in earnest. What is so special about that? Well since the tornado of May 10th it has been near impossible to get a dumpster here. Lots of the construction crews have been near impossible to get too. Everyone has been backed up this year trying to get roofs on the tornado victims and building new houses to replace those blown away.