Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pouring Puddings

Today the crew poured the footings for mom's house. Bryan came in and told me they were doing that and Jeddie popped his head up and said "Mmmmm, I like pudding!" I like it too.
May 14 - 3
Our neighbor Joe came over to enjoy the excitement of new construction. Our Rooster Boy-O is overseeing from the other side of the photo.
I worried all day about keeping the kids out of there and out of the septic tank hole which is HUGE. I tried hard but I couldn't keep everyone out.
May 14 - 2
I asked everyone who did it and they and said "he did it!"
May 14 - 1
If they keep it up we are going to have to discuss dinner options.


Marylois said...

There ain't nobody here but us chicken!

LauraJ said...

What a hoot!! Lol too funny! Thank you for today's smile! I'm adding you to my blogroll. I love construction.