Thursday, June 5, 2008

Catch Up

Ok. I have been really busy so I have several pictures to post at once.

First they framed the inside walls.
June 3rd 1

Then they sheathed the outside walls. This really made a difference in how things look. It is looking like a house.
June 3rd 2

Next they installed the new septic tank, pumped my old one (fun times!), crushed the old one and hooked me up to the new one. I was only without a septic tank for about 20 minutes tops. It was great!.

Today they back filled around the house. Now there is just a small step up to the front door.
June 3rd 3

They also prepared and poured the footers for mom's garage and safe room.
June 3rd 4


Marylois said...

It's lookin' good!