Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Safe Room

Today they poured the Safe Room. It is so tall! I can't wait to see what it looks like when the forms come off. We had a little kitten that kept hiding in the forms today. We had to keep fishing him out. I think we are going to have to re-name him Hoffa.
June 11th


Jane said...

Hi! I'm following your progress from Australia. Is a safe room to hide from tornadoes or otherwise? Is this also why your Mum wants 2 exits from each room ?

Lucy said...

You are right a safe room is one where we run to when there are tornados. We found with the recent tornado that came within a mile of our house that you just didn't have time to run outside and open an under ground shelter so we are building one above ground that it attached to the house. It should fit all 8 of us and maybe some friends.
The house my mom lives in now has 2 exits to most of the room except the bathrooms. That way you are never trapped in a room. In case of fire or other dissasters you have another way out of any room in the house. Also it is difficult for my mom to move because she has severe joint pain. Having a house where you can move from one room to another with out having to go all the way around the house makes life easier for her, fewer steps to get where she needs to go. Exersize is great but not when you have bone rubbing on bone. I realized that my house is circular too. I like it. There are always two ways to enter or exit any room in my house.

Jane said...


Linda Ruthie said...

Oh I love the Hoffa joke. You are too much!