Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The roof is going up this week. We finally have dry weather here is MO but with it has come really high temps. It is in the high 90's all way with very high humidity. I can take the heat but not the humidity. The workers are here late into the evening today when it is cooler. They did show up at dawn too though.
July 21 001
They really are hard workers. This is what they did yesterday.


Marylois said...

It's looking good. I hope the workers have plenty of ice water!

Chantay Smithingell said...

It's hard to work on a hot weather like that. They wouldn't be able to concentrate working on the roof if they are exposed to heat like that. Also, roof shingles tend to absorb heat, and this can make the job harder for them. But it's a good thing that they worked in the evening and even up to dawn; this period usually has cool weather. Anyway, how’s the roof now? It’s been 4 years! I hope it’s still keeping your home safe and protected. :)