Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Things are moving again quickly on the house.
Yesterday Eric came in with his crew and the worked on the front of my house where they are pushing the kitchen out and they worked on mom's patio.
Aug 11 - 3
Bradley and Nicolas worked on taking of the facade off my roof so they can bring the roof line together.
Nicolas just stood up there and cut it off. I was really impressed by how strong he is and how much he trusted his dad. He went to cut the beam and stopped and looked at his dad and asked if he was going to be safe doing it. Eric said yes and Nicolas said OK and started cutting without a worry. He knew his dad would keep him safe.
Aug 11 - 4
He is heading off on a mission here in a few months.
Aug 11 - 2
Here it is finished. They pushed my kitchen out about six feet to give me a dinning area in the kitchen. I am more excited than I can say. I can't wait! We will have a space big enough to eat for everyone when they come over. We should be able to do Thanksgiving here. Who's coming. hee hee.
Aug 11 - 1
They also poured mom's patio. It has rained so much this week that they had to bring a pumper truck in. They brought the concrete right up over the house. It was very impressive to see.
Mr. JEB is out there checking out the new patio. It is going to be really nice. The porch is fixed so mom can walk around the house and get exercise without worrying about tripping on uneven ground. The patio will also be covered so she won't have to worry about the sun too much.
We found some squatters on the place this month and had to evict them.
Aug -5
A couple of our little goats think that mom's house is the place to be. We had to cover up the doors so they couldn't get in anymore. We also had to post Joe out on the porch to watch them. We couldn't figure out where they were getting out. He watched them and found that they had found a weak spot in one of the fence panels and were pushing it out with their shoulders. We fixed it quick. Now they are sadly in their pen again. I don't think it will take them long to find a new way out. They are very tricky.


Unknown said...

Wow, everything is looking so good!

Jeanne said...

I want to come for thanksgiving!!!

Lucy said...

If you bring the pie! Our looserness will be all over by then and we will have to eat some pie!