Friday, May 16, 2008

May 15 It rained yesterday so nothing could be done on the house. Today they brought in several tons of gravel to fill in the bottom of the crawl space for the house and for the lateral lines for the new septic tank.
May 15 2
They put in the septic tank also today. It is HUGE.
The kids are loving the new hills all over the place. Only Hannah has been brave enough to climb them. The rest of the kids don't want to know what I'll do if I catch them on the mud slides. Hannah has no fear.
We heard from the contractor that an extra hundred bucks could be had if before they left they leveled all the hills off to less than 4'6". Someone has some serous little hill issues. hee hee


Alisa said...

This is looking great. I can't tell exactly where it is in relation to your house. Show us something to let us know where it is. Thanks.

All the places you love said...
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All the places you love said...

The new construction is to the right and towards the road of Lucy’s house when facing her house. Don’t ask me what direction that is, for me the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.